I hold a BA and MFA in creative writing. Though seminomadic at heart, I currently call the Midwest home.

In my work and life, I aim to cultivate and support multiple outlets of creativity in myself and others, and to question and reflect on the creative process and its relationship to contemporary culture. Usually, that takes the form of essays and reviews, but my work also includes film photography (35mm, medium format, and alternative processes), painting, quilting, and sewing. 

I am currently revising my first book, a travel-memoir about living in Lhasa, Tibet in 2010, and beginning my second book, a novel about a family fracturing on vacation in Taormina, Italy.

My essays and reviews have appeared in Ploughshares online, Brevity, The Review Review, Barstow & Grand, and ayris. Feel free to check out some recent writings, and my offerings as an editor.

I’m all about collaboration and sharing, but please attribute any quotations and photographs and send me an e-mail to say hello – decleyreandco[at]gmail.com

e.v.de.cleyre.headshot small



  1. Bravo E.V.!
    Nice chatting with you while waiting for the baggage handlers in DEL.
    Best of luck to you.

    Jeff Krosse

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