Literary Magazine Review: Radio Silence


I nearly closed the issue when I read the first line of the editor’s letter: “One morning Gore Vidal and I drank scotch in his bedroom in the Hollywood Hills.” That’s the type of name-dropping, scotch-drinking, rock-and-roll male bravado from which I shy away, and yet I kept reading. That’s the thing with name dropping: it’s repulsive yet enticing; it tells me this person knows people worth knowing, and I read on to find out how they know the knowing knowers. Editor Dan Stone then extols musician Aimee Mann’s reading habits, specifically how she lets “sound and sense wash over her, rather than engaging with a text from the critical and intellectual distance that directs the reading experience of so many ‘literary’ people.”

Literary in quotation marks? What kind of a lit mag is this? Head over to the Review Review to find out.


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