Take a Risk, Make a LYP

Tomorrow, the calendar tacks on an extra day, another twenty-four hours that won’t exist for another four years. Some of us might treat it like any other day, going through the motions like we always do. Some of us might take it as a day of reflection and relaxation, and some of us might take it as an opportunity for the extraordinary. Victor Saad at The Leapyear Project is hoping for just that.

The Leapyear Project is taking the opportunity of 2012’s extra day to ask, “what would you do if YOU could take a risk to make something better?”

I simply hope that this year creates the space for you to take your risk—small or large, short or long. I hope that this project becomes a part of how you tell your story, motivate others, and—more than anything—change your life for the better. –Victor Saad, The Leapyear Project

What would you do if you had an extra day? What leaps and risks would you take? With guidelines below, go forth!

Happy February 29th to you, from me, in India!


LYP is about making something better or more beautiful. This may include areas of health, family, friendship, business, social innovation, personal goals to start (or finish!) a project, entrepreneurship, working with a non-profit, uncovering old dreams, or any other good that you can think of.

LYP is about taking risks together. Invite others to be a part of your risk, or work alongside someone else whose project intrigues you.

Risk involves a combination of thinking, feeling, and acting. Research what you want to do and what it would entail. Then, think through who your risk would impact, set a specific goal and deadline, and go for it!

Risk is not about having the most resources. It’s about using what you DO have. This isn’t how much money you can make or spend. Be resourceful!

Risk may not make everyone happy. Some people may not understand what you are doing, or why you’re doing it. Find the core group of people who know you and believe in you and your risk. Then, prepare for a good dose of opposition.

Risk requires initiative. When all seems lost or impossible and the thrill has worn off, get up the next day… and keep going. Moving a dream into an idea, and an idea into an action can be a messy process; but, there is no better time than now.

Risk and character go hand-in-hand. Don’t cheat, steal, cut corners, make stuff up, exaggerate, or quit. That’s not cool, man. Not cool.

Share the risk. We understand that some risks will be far too personal to share, but we also believe that sharing your risk may inspire others to do the same. Share your progress via stories, your photos, video, tweets, etc.

Get inspired. You may not know where to start, and as you read this site, find an inspiring idea that you want to attempt. Go for it! (and don’t hesitate to contact the person to get their input. The more camaraderie the better!)

Risk isn’t about glamour. Doing something only for the sake of attention is fleeting. No matter how many people do (or don’t) watch you, stay focused on what you must do and why you are doing it.

Failure is a friend of risk. If you feel a sense of failure at any point along the way… you have taken a risk, and therefore succeeded.

Risk is not limited by social, racial, economic, or geographic stipulations. This is a global project on purpose.

Read more at http://leapyearproject.org

Find more inspiration at https://filanthropik.wordpress.com/


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