Meanderthals, Womads, & Flip-floppers

In anticipation of my departure to India, I’ve been surfing online travel communities such as Lonely Planet and Matador, which, instead of quelling my restlessness, only fuels it. On Lonely Planet’s blog, I found a humorous post called “Backpacker archetypes: know your species“.

I cringed slightly when I read it, knowing that I’ve fit some of those descriptions before. I’ve been a Turtle and a Meanderthal, but never a Womad or a Hitchedhiker. I’ve met Chic Packers, Flip-floppers, and Preachers, and I hope that no one would categorize me as such, but I may have deserved it at one time or another. I’ve seen Bromads from afar but only once up-close, and I’ve spent time with Thrift Drifters and the World Weary alike.

Travel, in my experience, takes on different flavors depending on the people you’re surrounded by (or lack thereof in some instances), and my memories of places are intimately tied to the people I’ve encountered. The passport stamps have faded, yet the people I’ve traveled with have still remained some of my closest friends, despite the distances between us.

Reading “Backpacker archetypes” left me wondering which Meanderthals, Womads, and Flip-floppers I’ll meet (or re-connect with) upon my return to India (and I’m trying not to be such a Turtle this time around).



  1. I liker this, Elizabeth! We all fit stereotypes to one degree or another, but we are also the ones responsible for shifting and changing them over time. Your wonderfully unique way of engaging the places you travel through and people you meet ultimately connects on that deep spirit and soul level that helps to dissolve the walls and divides between us!

    I am excited that you will be traveling to India again! I will just keep missing you from here!

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