“The Woman Who Fell to Earth”

Juliane Koepcke on January 4, 1972, on the plane to Pucallpa just after she was found in the jungle. Photo by Harold Sells Jr., courtesy of Juliane Koepke. Read the rest at Vice Magazine: THE WOMAN WHO FELL TO EARTH – Vice Magazine

I fly a lot (too much for my own good) and spend a decent amount of time contemplating plane crashes and my imminent death (again, too much for my own good).  Yet it is impossible to imagine what happens in those last few moments before the plane hits the ground.

The Woman Who Fell to Earth” is an incredible interview with Juliane Koepcke, the sole survivor in a plane crash that killed 92 passengers in 1972. In this piercing interview, she describes the moments leading up to the crash, her mother’s last words, the landscape of the jungle imbedded with airplane seats, and her eleven-day journey through the jungle to safety.

The photograph above is of Koepcke on a plane after she had been found. Having survived the horrendous crash, she bravely stepped onto a plane shortly afterwards to be reunited with her father.

Apparently filmmaker Werner Herzog had intended to board the same flight, but his itinerary changed and he narrowly missed it. Herzog made a documentary in 2000 about Koepke entitled “Wings of Hope,” where she revisited the crash site for the first time.

Read the article on Vice: http://www.viceland.com/int/v17n9/htdocs/the-woman-who-fell-to-earth-508.php?page=2


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