Lhakar & Lhakar Diaries

I have recently become obsessed with Wednesdays, looking forward to the day with a slight fervor. Why Wednesdays, you ask? Because it’s Lhakar! And Lhakar means new posts on Lhakar Diaries, a fascinating new blog.

Please take a moment to read about Lhakar, and check out Lhakar Diaries:

Excerpt from Lhakar Diaries, http://lhakardiaries.com/

“Lhakar Diaries is a blog dedicated to the movement inside Tibet where, by buying Tibetan goods, eating Tibetan foods, wearing Tibetan clothes and speaking Tibetan, ordinary men and women resist China’s occupation. We want to highlight these actions inside Tibet, and show solidarity by promoting similar actions outside Tibet by posting our personal journey to explore and honor our shared cultural heritage and identity.”

Excerpt from the Lhakar website, http://lhakar.org/

“Lhakar is a homegrown people’s movement that has emerged in Tibet. In spite of China’s intensified crackdown, Tibetans have embraced the power of strategic nonviolent resistance. Every Wednesday, a growing number of Tibetans are making special effort to wear traditional clothes, speak Tibetan, eat in Tibetan restaurants and buy from Tibetan-owned businesses. They channel their spirit of resistance into social, cultural and economic activities that are self-constructive (promoting Tibetan language, culture and identity) and non-cooperative (refusing to support Chinese institutions and businesses). Though humble in scale, these noncooperation tactics hark back to the Indian boycott of British textile at a turning point in the Indian freedom struggle.

“The Tibetan word ‘Lhakar’ (ལྷག་དཀར་) translates literally as ‘White Wednesday,’ as Wednesday is considered special by Tibetans because it is the Dalai Lama’s soul day.

“In recent years since 2008, Tibetans in Tibet and in exile have taken diverse Lhakar Pledges, resolving to boycott Made-in-China products, or to go vegetarian every Wednesday, or to read a Tibetan newspaper once a week, or to wear chuba every Wednesday, etc. Through these pledges and actions, Tibetans are coming together in the greatest noncooperation movement Tibet has ever seen.”


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