I found myself in one of the last places I would have ever expected.  If you had told me three months ago that I would be back in the United States and living in New York, I would have laughed in your face and then softly wiped the tiny little dots of spit off your cheek, apologizing profusely.

It all happened so fast, but it all happened so perfectly.  After making my mind up and feeling ready to leave Lhasa, I was on a train to Beijing within two days, and drooling on an airplane pillow while crossing the Pacific Ocean a few days after that.  I arrived on a Monday and heard about a job opportunity in New York on Wednesday, but not just any job opportunity–it was the job opportunity, the chance to work alongside Students for a Free Tibet in New York City.  As if that weren’t perfect enough, a room in my friend’s apartment opened up and she was incredible enough to offer it to me.

I recently wrote up a timeline of my life since 2006, which was when I graduated high school (do the math).  In the span of 4.5 years, I attended six colleges and moved 18 times, with 3.8 months being the average amount of time that I spend in one place.  Yes, that is excessive.  Yes, that is exhausting.  Yet it came so naturally to me, until  I metaphorically woke up one day and realized I wanted to stay in one place.

Long story short-er, I decided to take the plunge and just move to New York.  Just like that, I was gone again.  Story of my life, except that it isn’t anymore.  Now I’m here to stay.  I’m settling in for the long haul and setting up a “real” life, complete with housewares, bank accounts, office hours, and sedentariness–all things that I could hardly see myself partaking in until now and utterly reveling in it.



  1. You GO girl! Or should I say, “You STAY girl!” 🙂 Sedentary or on the move, you remain grounded in who you are. You are an inspiration, Lizzy! Lots of love …..

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