Procrastination & Purpose

During a recent episode of blatant internet procrastination, I somehow came across this–an inspiring article about a few women and their projects abroad.  While all of their work is incredible, the last story–that of Maggie Doyne–particularly inspired me.  It could be due to the fact that we both live and work in similar regions of the world, or that I resonate with her love for education, or that we participated in the same travel abroad program but in different years, or that we spent time volunteering at the same orphanage in Northern India but at different times, or that I considered trying to work for her when looking for volunteer opportunities in 2008, or that we’re nearly the same age.

Maggie Doyne bought land in Nepal, created an NGO, a non-profit, and built a children’s home and a school by the time she was twenty-three years old.  I will turn twenty-three in less than two months, and since I have arrived home from Tibet I’ve done little more than bake cookies, eat cookies, sleep, and reconnect with friends and family.  That’s fine for a little while, but reading Maggie Doyne’s story put things back into perspective.  Let’s just say that I’m dying to dive back into work-mode and begin to create a project and a life’s work that I’m passionate about.  What exactly that might be remains to be seen.

After four years of perpetually moving around, trying to find one place that I felt happy in, I found it on the Tibetan plateau, which I find a little ironic considering that it is probably one of the world’s most difficult places to live and work in as a foreigner.  Now that I’ve finally figured out where I want to be, I need to stop wasting time and start figuring out how and why I want to stay there.  Needless to say, reading somewhat obsessively about Maggie Doyne makes the rusted gears in my head slowly start turning, and before I know it they’re spinning so fast that I can’t get to sleep.  (The jetlag doesn’t help either.)


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